A Little About Us

​​​We are a family of Six. My husband and I have two wonderful sons, and 2 amazing Bulldog daughters. We began our journey with the bulldog breed 10 years ago when we rescued a female. We fell in love instantly with her and we are now a forever bulldog home! We love how dedicated and loving Bulldogs are. People are always asking me why an English bulldog? My answer is simple. They actually don't believe themselves that they are dogs. They are very intelligent and know what people feel. My girls know when we are sad, not feeling well, happy, and mad. They comfort us when  we are sad or not feeling well and will not leave our side! They are as dedicated to us as we are to them. I myself have a full time career but I work from home. My companions are my girls. They lay on the ground around my feet for the 8 hours I work and then follow me wherever I go after. Our girls are affectionate and love attention but they also know when it is time to hang out on their own.  We will always be a Bulldog house and we love it!!!!

We are not your average breeder. Atkins Bulldogs bulldog puppies are raised with us in our home with loving care and lots and lots of attention!!! We make sure they are well socialized with people, loud noises and lots of love. We only have females as pets and no studs in our home. They are played with by my sons and we all take turns caring for them. Raising bulldog puppies is not an easy job and I have 2 full time jobs when we have puppies in our home. But the end result is amazing because I get to dedicate myself to better an already awesome breed!

Taking on a Bulldog is a big deal and a big decision, but through all the work you will have a wonderful companion who will dedicate themselves to you and love you no matter the outcome!

​We are excited to provide bulldog puppies in Seattle, Washington!

Atkins Bulldogs